Funky Phonics

What is Funky Phonics?

A FREE set of resources to support the teaching of phonics, both in the classroom and at home. Written for a school in the North West of England, it follows the guidance set out in 'Letters and Sounds' for high quality phonics teaching. Phases 2 and 3 are available at present, with other phases to follow.

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In Phase 2, Children learn animals (for the alphabet) and people (for two letters together making the same sound, e.g. 'll) to help them remember new sounds. As they move into Phase 3, a mixture of nouns and verbs are used to support them in learning their phonemes such as 'ai' ('rain'), 'oi' ('point').

Each new phoneme has...

  • a picture available to download as a flashcard/wall poster/pairs game
  • an alliterative phase
  • a song
  • an action
  • craft/letter formation activity ideas

There is a 'Funky Phonics Booklet' and summary table, which can be downloaded.

Homework sheets are available to practice the formation of letters and writing of words (3 phonemes per sheet). Also, progressive reading booklets, which correspond to the homework sheets, highlighting the new sounds that have been learnt that week, new tricky words (in bold throughout the booklet to support parent and child) and high frequency words.

Numbers are taught through the Funky Phonics Programme. With 2 numbers being learnt each week, numbers 1-20 are taught through the alphabet animals and numbers 21-30, along with multiples of 10 are taught during Phase 3.